BEAUTY BAR: Statement Nails

A trend that can be incorporated into your everyday routine is statement nails. Whether your style is glittery or classic, you can always weave it into your average day. This Fashionista has absolutely owned this trend. It’s her way of incorporating her personal style into her everyday life.

In the photo above, this Fashionista is sporting a causal V-neck and her favorite blue jeans on a chilly Penn State afternoon. Adding golden glittery, statement nails is her way of incorporating her personal style into her casual day. Even during those weeks where it’s cold out and she just doesn’t feel like getting dressed up for class, having her nails done according to her own personal taste keeps her feeling put together. She initially does them for the weekend but then keeps the glitter on throughout the week.

Although they may seem rather extravagant, she applies them all on her own. Her trick is to start with a nice base coat that will keep the root of her nails healthy and then finishes them off with a sheer top coat. If you’re going to paint your nails regularly, it is definitely important to use a base coat that will protect your nails and keep them strong, otherwise the effects of doing your nails frequently can be quite damaging. The sheer top coat is just the finishing touch that will keep your nail polish from chipping too soon and add a smoother texture to your statement nails.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: What you’ll need to get this Fashionista’s nail look is minimal; just get a top coat, gold glitter nail polish and a base coat.