BEAUTY BAR: She's Got Buns

Outfit: it’s a term we usually chalk up to distinctive attire. The word conjures up thoughts of pretty pants, snazzy shoes, kick butt kimonos and just about any other clothing-centered look.

For this Fashionista, though, the fuel to her fashion fire is her meticulous beauty regiment and the endless opportunities her braids afford.

Admittedly, this Fashionista explained, she’s tried a few different hairstyles in the past — with some falling flat and some worth the risk. After a slew of knot-outs, faux dreadlocks, pixie cuts and box braids, this Fashionista has found her “hair safe haven” in the ever-so-maintainable Senegalese twist.

Taking full advantage of the hairstyle’s versatility, this Fashionista decided to build this look around a powerful bun, created by sectioning off the top portion of her hair with a flexible band, twisting the loose ends around the band until fully wrapped under. It’s a simple approach with a dramatic result.

Adding to the look’s boldness, she opted for a brilliant magenta lipstick accompanied by a strong, winged eye and shimmering, gold-tinted eye shadow.

Face-focused beauty has been a recurring trend on and off the runway, putting the attention on model’s cutting bone structure by pulling their hair upwards and drawing their eyes outwards. So, this Fashionista wanted to do just the same, consciously making sure that her outfit didn’t overshadow her magnificent, facial structure-enhancing maquillage.

She opted for a muted, monochromatic pallet for her ensemble, with black skinny jeans, a plain black shirt and a pair of simple brown boots serving as the attire’s base. In an effort to ensure her look didn’t appear too dull, she added this striped, woven cape, with its bright color matching her vibrant, white nails. The cape’s brown buckle was the perfect accent for her thick, leather shoes.

As for the accessories, an outfit’s final, completing touch, she choose a chunky butterfly ring and nose ring. While some might be afraid of the commitment attached to the nose adornment, plenty of retailers have started selling faux nose and septum piercings.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate this bold beauty’s cat eye and lush, tinted lips, base the look in Bare Minerals foundation, known for its natural-looking coverage, promoting healthier, glowing skin. For the eyes, a basic eyeliner and the Lancôme eye shadow kit are the perfect complements for a razor-sharp wing and glistening lid.  Top off the look with your choice of colored lip from Sephora’s Rogue Shine collection.