BEAUTY BAR: Pinkie Promise

While I was walking around campus with some friends talking about our favorite books, I came across this Fashionista whose makeup recalls Japanese gardens and cherry trees. Spring calls for natural looks, and this Fashionista is ready to bloom.

She chose a light foundation and Glossier’s Invisible Shield as the sun was shining more than ever. Talking about skin, she told me a bit of her skincare, which is a two-step process: cleaning with facial tonic and moisturizing with natural products and oil-free serums. The look of our Fashionista emphasizes the eyes. A glittery pink eyeliner which, combined with a pink choker that contrasts with her green eyes, becomes the main character of this look. Blush brings a fresh-faced effect—the look you get from catching the first sun rays.

Her hands caught my attention. The little rings are on-trend, and this Fashionista knows how to style them. A little wave, a mini knot, and a very minimalistic ring are the perfect complement, as well as the silver earrings. The pale pink nails, combined with the eyeliner, create a gorgeous spring look.

The outfit of this Fashionista is fresh, classic, and informal. She is wearing a white top with a lace detail on the waist. Combined with jeans in blue denim, the look results in a very casual outfit. White Converse are a must this summer—following the path of these last few summers—and this Fashionista knows it well.

The pink shades of this look are a (pinkie) promise of spring flowers. Hope you are ready to blossom.