BEAUTY BAR: Our Lips are Sealed

As the leaves begin to fall off the trees, we are left with less hints of color throughout campus. Fall fashions are known for their neutral color palettes so what’s a girl to do to brighten up her look? Believe it or not, the right makeup can really help to elevate your fall look.

One of my favorite parts about getting ready in the morning (besides choosing a cute outfit) is figuring out how to do my makeup for the day. It’s important to recognize what tones and shades help to complement the trends of your look.

This Fashionista did a great job of doing just that! She’s rocking a business casual day-to-night look that shows off her creative style, and her makeup does a great job of emphasizing that. She is shown wearing black fall boots, with a black dressy top. Her light-wash skinny jeans really help to add some contrast to these darker tones. Her black and white patterned blazer helps to give her look more of a professional edge and adds a lighter contrast to the dark colors of her outfit as well. This Fashionista shows that simple can go a long way; you don’t need a lot of crazy colors to get people’s attention or to stand out. Her choice of neutral colors allowed her to do more with her makeup.

One of the best ways to make a bold statement with your makeup is through choosing the right lip color. I always say that a girl’s lip color says a lot about her personality and choosing to go with a more subtle or bolder lip will help to dramatize your look. She chose to use a black cherry colored lipstick in order to accent the contrast of the black and white colors in her outfit, but to also draw more attention to her facial features. This bolder lip paired with her statement necklace helps to put the entire look together. This Fashionista chose to go lighter on the eyes and the rest of her makeup, choosing a natural look for her foundation as well as a softer blend of eye shadow, that includes white and soft brown tones. The light eye shadow helps to put the focus on her lips as well as the entire outfit. This is a perfect example of how just a little bit of lip color can go a long way.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this Fashionista’s look, try using the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette, blending soft shades of brown together to give you a more subtle look. This pairs nicely with a natural matte foundation like Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline. To finish off the look, try using the Milani Black Cherry lip color to make a bolder statement. These makeup tips will make you stand out on any dull fall day, but don’t worry, as to sharing your secrets of the perfect makeup look, our lips are sealed!