BEAUTY BAR: Ombré Is The New Black

The groundhog has seen his shadow, and the day has finally come–spring! Winter has come to a halt, and it is time to whip out your sundresses. This Fashionista is debuting her light blond, dip dyed brunette strands on this wonderful spring day. It’s time to brighten up your look, which means having hair that is one color is SO not the move. It’s time to step into the realm of experimentation and change up your style.

The dye can be as subtle as a lighter shade of your normal hair color or can be as crazy as a bright pink–the choice is yours! Dip dying your hair is a great trend because there are so many new styles that come with it. You can wear a stylish and colorful braid or a sporty ponytail; and when you get tired of it, just pick a new shade. It’s simply a pop of color that adds an edge to your everyday look!

This Fashionista chose the classic ombré: a delicate transition from brown to dirty blonde. She decided to go with a classic look–a standard black dress, which allowed her to add some texture to the outfit. She paired her dress with a jean jacket with sweatshirt sleeves, snakeskin sneakers and reflective Ray Ban sunglasses–talk about the perfect spring look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, buy a box of colored hair dye at your local drugstore or make an appointment at your favorite hair salon. Don’t be afraid to go bold; ombré is the new black.