BEAUTY BAR: New 'Do, New You

May 18th, 2016 at 2:10am

Are you a brunette looking for a new edgy hairdo this summer?  Go for blonde!  This Fashionista made this bold move, and totally rocks it.  She also proves that you can pull off this look no matter what skin color or ethnicity you have. Plus, luckily for us dark-haired beauties, we wouldn’t have to worry about paying extraneous amounts of money to touch up our roots as our hair grows out, because that look is now trending. Anyone can pull off an ombré, and since a lot of peoples’ hair fades in the summer sun anyway, why not go for it? Ombré hairstyles look adorable, whether you have straight or curly hair like this Fashionista.

Not only is this Fashionista’s hair on fleek, but her outfit is also fabulous. Her black and red flannel paired with her black ripped shorts only add to the edgy street look. That handbag adds the chic to edgy-chic. An easy option for shoes is to go for classic slip on shoes, like these white Vans, which go with everything. Top it all off with some casual accessories, just like how this Fashionista does it, with her beaded bracelets and fun necklace.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Convinced you need to be a blondie this summer? Head on over to that salon! Although it may cost a lot of money at first, just remember that you won’t have to touch it up, because it will become an ombré soon enough. A little nervous about going all in? Try starting with some highlights or peekaboos first.