BEAUTY BAR: Naturally Useful

A pair of sexy smoky eyes with matching red, hot lips may be enticing for a girls night out at a club, but I tend to get a little too self conscious and uneasy with heavy makeup. I believe that most of us love sweet, fresh-face makeup with a glow to start off our days. I love a fresh face when attending formal events to give a professional look. I also love a natural look when walking down the streets to get a cup of coffee. Not only is a natural, glowing makeup look being repeatedly used on numerous fashion runways such as Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren, it is also popular among a lot of Fashionistas. A clean and fresh face gives a natural boost of confidence. This was exactly how this Fashionista came across when I was walking down the street one day. She kept a fresh and sweet look with a healthy glow.

The Fashionista’s outfit was clean and refreshing just like her makeup. She was wearing a simple white shirt with a statement necklace. In order to keep her overall look simple but lively, she gave her face a nice coverage for even complexion and kept her face dewy. A light shade of bronzer was brushed across her cheekbones to give her a more defined look. She applied a well-smudged pink eyeshadow on her eye lids to give a very soft and sweet effect. She then made her eyes standout by defining her eyelashes.The Fashionista then finished the whole look with a tint of pink gloss. The overall look is sweet and fresh.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? The key to this look is not to overdo the makeup. Apply sufficient foundation for even and light coverage to achieve a natural complexion. Add soft eyeshadow colors to your eyes for a gentle look. Apply your favorite mascara to make your eyelashes pop. To top it off, add your favorite pink gloss.