BEAUTY BAR: Miss Independent

December 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s nearly the end of the semester on college campuses across the country. While the holiday season approaches, so do our final exams. Let’s get real: I am hitting the books instead of the MAC makeup counter. My already sleep deprived self will not sacrifice any more Z’s to get my eyebrows “on fleek.” And while my mind may be on Macedonia and Monet instead of Maybelline and mascara, I can still look to the ’70s-inspired beauty trends for simple yet darling looks that take little time to complete, allowing for more study time.

While it’s easy to imagine luxe and luminous ’70s sirens with their smokey dramatic eyes, this trend only came into vogue in the second half of the decade. From 1970 to 1975, makeup looks were the complete opposite: very subtle, natural and modest. Fashionistas of the early ’70s continued the late ’60s flower power style, inspired by social and political movements to stand up for change in the workplace and social sphere. The new independent woman was strong and graceful. She used makeup as a tool to enhance her natural features—bright eyes, thin eyebrows and pretty pink plump lips—to show that true beauty comes from within.

I spotted this Fashionista on an early Sunday morning on her way to the library to begin a study session. Clad in a comfy turtleneck and suede A-line skirt, her natural makeup perfectly complements this ’70s fashion look. Her foundation free face with just a hint of pink blush gives her a demure, pretty complexion. Untouched brows and a light coat of mascara also work to emphasize her delicate features. Finally, a quick swipe of lip gloss—in a bright cranberry color straight out of the ’70s—completes this simple, feminine look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, skip the foundation and let your face breathe. Look for a light, lash defining mascara and a soft, subtle shade of blush. Finally, add a quick layer of a shiny lasting lip gloss in either deep fruit tones, peach or pink pastels. Most importantly, embrace your own beauty!