BEAUTY BAR: Lovely Lace

Like most people, I love Halloween! I love that I get one day out of the year to dress up however I want and can’t get judged for it. I assume most people love this spooky holiday for the same reason. It’s a time to be creative with your clothing to try and assemble the most unique costume ever.

It seems every year we see the same repeats of Halloween costumes. The same old cat, Minnie Mouse or vampire get-up. I think it’s time to change the traditional costumes to a more unique and fashionable twist on costumes this year. However, there are people who aren’t into dressing up at all. Like this Fashionista, she dressed (down) this look with just a pair of jeans, a tunic, a scarf and a pair of boots. The floral print on her scarf complements the lace pattern she created on her face nicely. I love mixing patterns and this is a prime example of doing so! The bright colors in her outfit also make the color of the makeup print stand out. Personally, I would pair this look with a mermaid-esque costume. I think the lacey detail doubles as a scale-y texture.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This look is super simple to achieve. To recreate it, all you need is the perfect eye shadow shade or palette, a fluffy eyeshadow brush, a lace fabric swatch and setting spray. First, you apply your basic makeup as usual, making sure to conceal a little more than you would on the areas you want to apply the lace detail. Have a friend position the lace fabric on the part of your face you would like the detail. Then, powder on the eyeshadow with your brush! Make sure not to use swiping motions, as this will alter the lace pattern. Instead, use dabbing motions. Remove the lace fabric and add dimension with a lighter eye shadow shade by lightly brushing on top of the darker shade. Finally, spray your face generously with the setting spray and you’re ready to make a fashion statement on Halloween!