BEAUTY BAR: Lost in Space…Buns

Danger! Danger! Will Robinson! We don’t know where they came from…Scientists say it was partially due to hyper-heavy doses of ’90s nostalgia, partially due to oh-so-many half-grown-out haircuts, and partially due to forces yet unknown to man-(and woman-) kind…What we do know for now is that they have slowly been growing on us….Is it a cosmic microorganism implanting itself on the heads of the general populace? Is it Gwen Stefani à la No Doubt days? Is it Bjork?

No, it’s SPACE BUNS. They have invaded, and are coming soon to a social circle near you––I have “no doubt” (sorry not sorry for that).

Nineties nostalgia is in, I know. We all know. Grunge, lace-up tops, the overalls, Netflix’s latest TV installments, and now we’ve got ’90s on our minds all the time––literally. This “bunning” trend been seen recently on celebrities from Miley Cyrus, to Harry Styles, to Arianna Grande, to Vanessa Hudgens. I mean, who doesn’t want to channel their inner interstellar being or out-there Bjork-ian badass? The Fashionista I had snapped on the street was launching quite the look with her best best Bjorkian-Brittany-Forbidden Planet vibe with her space buns, pairing her space-y hair with a nice contrast of her pseudo-grunge deep, grounding green button-down and all-black ensemble––keeping herself grounded with color and texture, but with her hair definitely shooting for the stars.

Yes, space buns are a great twist on the regular messy bun––perfect for the spring style switch before completely converting from your winter wardrobe. Not only are space buns great for season transitions, they also work for almost all hair lengths, whether a pixie-to-lob-grow-out stage, lob-to-long or at-the-elbow, there’s definitely a way to work these for everyone.

How much more versatile can you get? There’s a practically a galaxy of possibilities: you can dress them up with top notch top-knot precision, or dress down your look with your buns left loose. The buns can be galaxy-glam on their own, or just as stellar as an out-of-the-shower quick-fix, to be let out out as take off for some RAD waves for a later-in-the-day change of look. Twist ’em, roll ’em, put your hair half up or half down, this throwback hair trend is definitely outta this world.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: The pictured Fashionista keeps her routine low-maintenance by just parting her hair down the middle, and one side at a time, putting each section up in ponytails, wrapping the hair around itself and tying it up with a hair tie to the preferred level of precision or intentional messiness. Hair in that awkward grow-out stage (we’ve all been there/are there) or super-fine? Not to worry, you can buy yourself some- faux bun helpers to stuff your hair around to achieve that same spherical shape
However you do it, hone into your headspace, and get lost in space buns. If you want to really go all-out, top off your top knots with a sprinkling of hair glitter to really showcase your headspace. Another option to really bring out the buns would be to top ’em off with some decorative hairpins (star-shaped, of course)) for a constellation look. There’s no right or wrong way to space bun, the only thing you can go amiss on is not trying out the trend for yourself. So go ahead, be a space case.