BEAUTY BAR: Locks for Mohawks

September 23rd, 2015 at 2:10am

Mohawks are awesome, there’s no denying that. However, some people don’t have the confidence to rock them due to the style not being very conventional in various social settings and because they can take a lot of maintenance when it comes to styling them. This Fashionista has come up with a solution to both these problems, making her version of a mohawk your next go-to style.

The versatility of this haircut and style makes it easy to transition between laid back, edgy and anywhere in between. Shaving the sides of her head just above the ears, this Fashionista created a wide strip of hair to work with when creating this look. Doing so leaves her endless possibilities for styling while also allowing for some hair to cover up the shaved areas for her job or whenever she feels like leaving it down. It totally takes the commitment out of the look and makes it easier to sport than ever. First, she clipped up her hair from the crown forward and drew the sides of her hair back into a ponytail. You could use bobby pins at this point, but a ponytail makes the look stay in place easier. She then teased and hair sprayed the front portion of her hair, flipped it back and bobby pinned it accordingly to cover up the ponytail.

The awesome part about this look is that you don’t need super long hair, just long enough to cover up the shaved parts of your head, if that’s what you want! In such a short hair case you would have the capability of rocking a full on, upright mohawk. If you have long hair, you could even use a large French braid to pull your hair back into the mohawk. Or you could do two French braids to bring fall hair trends into the mix. The possibilities of this hairstyle are endless based on how much effort you want to put into styling it. Not to mention, it’s adorable.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Before you begin styling, you’ll need to use clippers to shave the sides of your head, leaving a little hair or a lot of hair as your heart desires. You can either go to a salon to do this or DIY, if you’re feeling it. After the cut, you’ll need to round up your hair ties, bobby pins and any other clips you may have in order to style it. A teasing comb or a regular comb will also be necessary in combination with—environmentally friendly—hairspray to achieve the volume to create the Mohawk look. Some styling cream may also be in order to help slick back the under layers of hair and keep the bobby pins in place!