BEAUTY BAR: Lipstick and Combat Boots

The notions about lipstick are funny. Some people save lipstick for only the fanciest of occasions, and some people, on the other hand, can’t leave the house without a bold pout and are constantly reapplying all throughout the day. The reality is that lipstick can be made to look as fancy or as casual as the wearer wants! Lipstick is really great because it comes in so many varieties—red, pink, glossy, matte, etc.—and can be found at every price point from drug store brands to high end designers. Let’s just say that it is never a bad idea to wear lipstick. Not only does it make you look like you’ve got your life together, but it makes you feel fabulous too!

This Fashionista allowed her lipstick to take the stage and add some glam to her look. While her outfit had an edgy vibe thanks to ripped jeans and combat boots, her face had a more feminine and made-up look going on. Her choice of a bright lipstick shade softened up her entire ensemble. Though she wore a very casual outfit, complete with a shirt tied around her waist for a very laid back look, the lipstick pulled the whole thing together. This Fashionista’s look proves that you really can wear lipstick with just about anything! No need to save bold lip colors for special events only. In fact, you might as well wear lipstick every day and get use out of the entire stick before it dries out. Find some shades and brands that you love and rock them every day! If you really want your pout to stand out, keep all other makeup minimal.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, the most important item you need is lipstick! Any brand, color and variety will work, but the bolder the better. Lip liner isn’t a must, but it’s definitely good to incorporate into this look if you have it. Lace up your combat boots, slip into your ripped jeans and you’re ready to go!