BEAUTY BAR: Let's Give a Hand For Bleached Brows

You have all heard of the popular trend of “No Shave November.” But this Fashionista lives by the rule of “No Brows November.” Simply, she is going with the bleached eyebrow look that has been sported by tons of celebrities from Cara Delevnigne, Kendall Jenner’s Marc Jacobs runway look and all the way to Lady Gaga in the FX show American Horror Story. This beauty trend is an unconventional one for all edgy Fashionistas everywhere. A perfect way to rock this look is balancing out the bleach with a bold lip or a dark eye. This Fashionista’s eyeshadow was dark and focused heavily on the bottom lid.

The lack of color in your brows can be perfectly compensated for with the outfit; just like this Fashionista did. She paired her brows with an Opening Ceremony hand sweater and matching pants and a blue Hermès Clic Clac bracelet. She also matched her red lipstick with her red Coach bag. The outfit is perfectly avant-garde and reflects this Fashionista’s unconventionality.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: An interesting thing about this Fashionista’s look is that she didn’t even bleach her eyebrows at all. She came up with a remedy that is perfect for the average person who wants the bleached look without committing. First, take washable Elmer’s glue and put it over your brows twice, then put concealer over the glue. Finally, set with powder and your brows look perfect for the runway! It’s so easy; try it the next time you’re feeling high fashion.