BEAUTY BAR: Less is More

If you are an authentic Instagram follower and trend catcher, there is no way you’ve missed the makeup looks these day. The names like Pat Mcgrath and Joyce Bonelli all have the number of followers that make them real celebrities. This Instagram-based and celebrity-inspired trend can be summed up as four features: contouring, strobing, eyebrows on fleek and clear-cut lipstick. Before testing out a new trend, every fashionable individual out there has to ask his or herself a few questions. Do you really like this style? Is it suitable for you?

The Fashionista I meet clearly has her own opinion of fashion and beauty. During the interview, she repetitively asks me: “Do I look natural”, and the answer is a big yes. She looks effortless but stunning with her shimmering skin..  She reveals to me that her beauty secret is ton of hydrating!

“I spend three times as much of my money and time on skin care and makeup”, says this Fashionista, and I agree. Makeup is the icing on the cake, but your skin status is what makes the cake yummy.

Her low-key style goes from face to hair. The subtle, chestnut ombré tells people she is elegant, but sill has a sense of edginess. Looking closer, the pink lipstick finishes her girly and classic makeup. With the minimalist outfit and absolutely charming pumps by Coach, her whole look makes for a perfect internship ensemble.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This Fashonista revealed that the key to her flawless skin is every day sun care and a good foundation. Her go-to choices are Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector by Shiseido and Armani foundation.