BEAUTY BAR: Lashes For Days

One of my favorite things about fall, apart from the changing color of leaves and the approach of the holidays, is the opportunity to revitalize your look. It’s not just to change or update your wardrobe, but the chance to play with one’s look. Whether it’s adding bangs or buying a new lipstick, it’s not fall or back to school season without at least one fashion/beauty change.

So far the trends that have dominated the season are: the gray hair look, the dyed color hair tips and of course the “it” trend of the moment-berry lips. However, a smaller trend that has been emerging due to more accessibility and wear is false lashes. It’s no secret that celebrities wear them on the red carpet, however the increase of more cosmetic companies creating their own and easy knowledge on how to wear them-via YouTube-has made this once “only on special occasion” accessory now a daily look.

This week’s Fashionista has lashes for days. Her make up is on the simple and natural side with somewhat of a matte finish. She wears a lightweight olive colored jacket, which has a nice drape on the front. The Fashionista pairs this jacket with a knotted gray crop top and a pair of destroyed denim with brown high heeled ankle booties.

The Fashionista’s highlighted main beauty featured here is her eyes. Even though you might already have pretty long lashes, adding a pair of false ones can be fun. False lashes are no longer just something to wear on a night out. There are tons of different lengths and looks to choose from. Lashes have been a feature on lots of fashion runways for some time now. The long lashes look is something that can easily be accomplished.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this Fashionista’s look, you’ll need a pair of false lashes along with some eyeliner, eye shadow and brow enhancer (don’t forget about your eyebrows with this look). If you are unsure how to apply false lashes, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube. The rest of your makeup look should be on the natural side, if you want your lashes to be the main feature. Of course, if you’re going for a very glammed up look a nice berry or red lip is always a great choice.