BEAUTY BAR: It Falls Naturally

Tis the season to stress over finals and bum it to class, right? Not! Even if you’re afraid of standing out while everyone else is rolling up with bare faces and unpolished nails, there are options to ensure that you’ll still feel and look your best without feeling overdressed. This Fashionista enhances her natural features with a few simple tricks. She even sports one of the colors of the year in the form of a fresh manicure.

This look is perfect for any occasion and any day of the week. With the wave of a mascara wand, her eyelashes are awakened. They are darker and bolder as they curl upwards. Her airbrushed skin can be achieved with a lightweight concealer. This technique creates a healthy glow compared to a heavy, plastic-like look that some concealers can put on. A lightly applied eyeshadow teases bystanders to look more closely to see how this look appears to be all-natural when there’s a shadow behind her lids. The last thing she pulls off of the beauty bar is a light lip gloss to get that nude lip luster.

Right down to the nails, the natural look is achieved. Her choice of nail polish doesn’t stray too far from their natural state. She goes for a peachy-pink that also happens to be one of the two colors of the year. This gives her nails a glossed look and makes them shine bright to enhance their natural beauty. This is a very fashion-forward move because the color choice shows that she is aware of the current trends and current colors of the year.

Natural beauty is the most refreshing look with all of the beauty trends currently hitting the mainstream. Whether the destination is class, the mall or a nice restaurant, effortless beauty always says more than trying too hard. Her selection in beauty products pairs nicely with her simple studded earrings and adorable button-up skirt and tank—fitting for a day out in the city. However, it can be easily achieved with more knowledge of what lies on the beauty bar. Lightly applied eyeshadow and concealer with a brush of mascara and lip gloss can brighten up any Fashionista’s day and natural beauty. Adorn it with any outfit on any occasion and include one, if not both of the colors of the year to really leave a lasting impression.