BEAUTY BAR: I'm Feeling Neutral

December 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Fall and winter are the most fun seasons to experiment with fashion looks. Chunky, over-sized sweaters and leggings paired with your favorite pair of boots and your set for the day. However, it’s even more fun to accessorize your look when you take the time to emphasize your make up and nail polish. These small, extra details that are sometimes overlooked can make or break an entire outfit and even give it the vibe that you’re trying to achieve. This Fashionista paired her white skinny jeans, chunky gray sweater and tan heeled booties to create a look that screams fall. To accessorize this perfect daytime look, she layered on a black floppy hat, layered necklace and showed off her nude shellac manicure.

Neutral colors on the nails and even lips are a one-of-a kind fashion statement for this season, however, this look could be given an entirely different feel with just a change of lip color or nail polish. For example, to transition this outfit into a “night on the town” ensemble, all that’s needed is a dark lip color and maybe even a more dramatic eye makeup look. The great thing about a neutral look is that you can pair it with absolutely anything and it shouldn’t clash. Dark nails are my personal favorite, no matter what the season, but a nude color is definitely the more sophisticated approach.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve a look similar to this, all you need is any nude nail polish and some fall time accessories. This way, you can switch up the outfit pieces or even the jewelry, but the nails will always match whatever you’re wearing.


  • Toni-Lynn Ward

    Hey everyone! My name is Toni-Lynn Ward and I'm a senior at East Carolina University! I'm studying Communication with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. I have a ridiculous obsession with shopping and binge watching tons of YouTube v-logs. Thanks so much for checking out my profile!! 🙂