BEAUTY BAR: I'll Have a Blue Christmas

It’s been a warm, rainy start to the holiday season in Milwaukee, and students have been taking advantage of the mild temperatures with light layers and beauty looks that would ordinarily be buried under hats and scarves. This Fashionista was strutting through campus on her way to a Christmas party when I caught up with her, no parka or snow boot in sight. Her thrifted lace minidress, brown lace-up booties and green anorak transformed into party perfection with a bold sapphire blue cat-eye.

Blue is definitely the “in” color this fall season for makeup, and runways are sporting blue eyeliner, shadow, mascara and even lipstick on their models. For this party look, the fashionista wanted the bold blue eyeshadow to be the center of attention. “I don’t normally wear much makeup,” she informed me, “so for this special occasion, I wanted everyone to stop and stare.” The slight sparkle and sheen of this densely pigmented shadow is festive, which definitely elevates this look for the holiday season. The thick wings give the look a great ’60s vibe, especially when paired with the mod minidress. A center part with loose waves allows the lids to be the stars of the show.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Eyeshadow primer underneath bright shadow helps it stay put. A dense shadow brush dipped in water picks up more shadow pigment than a fluffy brush and gives the shadow better staying power on the lid. A camera-friendly foundation prevents shine from ruining party photos, Apply curling cream to wet hair and air-dry in braids for soft, not crunchy, waves.