BEAUTY BAR: Ice Ice Baby

Welcome back, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! The weather is changing, it’s getting dark earlier and winter is approaching. I’m not the biggest fan of winter because I dread the cold, but the transition of weather means it’s almost holiday season! Who here is guilty of putting up some type of holiday decorations, whether it be lights or a tree?

As you all may have seen, a lot of people have been going with the whole pastel hair trend. I would never personally do it, but I admire the people that have the guts to do so. It is an automatic eye-catcher and, in my opinion, adds so much personality to a person. I’ve seen the trend drastically make its way to the streets this year, but I also saw several people sport the look a year or two ago. Now, there are tons of tutorials on how to get the “perfect mermaid, pastel hair” and tons of hair stylists that will assist you in getting your desired color (#hairgoals).

I’ve seen this Fashionista on campus several times and her hair is the first thing you spot in a crowded hall. I asked her about her hair and she’s actually thinking about dying it back because she doesn’t want to be known as the “girl with the hair.” I told her that the hair doesn’t wear her, she wears her hair. She dyed her hair this color about two years ago and said it took her a few months to get the perfect look, whereas now people are achieving pastel hair in just a couple of days. I think we can call her a trend-setter! Her outfit color palette consisted of all-black attire, which definitely complements her icy blue hair. The velvet kimono brought a different texture into the look, making it more interesting. Her makeup was also gave off more of a dark and vampy look, which contributed to her edgy style.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: For DIY mermaid hair, bleach your hair, then choose the pastel color hair dye of your choice! To maintain and maximize the color, use a shampoo that will help you keep your hair color for as long as possible.