BEAUTY BAR: Highlight that Pony!

December 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

A little highlighter can go a long way!

With fall coming to an end and winter coming full speed ahead; us Fashionista/o’s have to prepare ourselves for what is ahead of us—COLD WEATHER. Layering your clothes is the best way to stay warm during the cold temperatures and bad weather. This Fashionista is ready for a nice day in the city with this look. She is rocking her favorite fall spaghetti strap dress in burgundy with a cream colored turtleneck layered underneath. This look is so appropriate for fall or winter, and it’s so easy to put together! She pairs the outfit with black open-toed pumps and a cream colored snake print bag that goes perfectly with her outfit.

Since this Fashionista is wearing a high neck turtleneck, she decided to do a high ponytail for an easy and effortless look. She also decided to do her makeup very simple. She used very little foundation and eyeshadow but really made her eyes pop by adding a little extra mascara. To emphasize her cheekbones and make her face look slimmer, she decided to add a little highlighter across the tops of her cheeks. She applied it with a fan brush in an “L” shape. This helped bring out her eyes and show off her beautiful face!

How can you recreate this highlighter and high pony combo? Super simple! All you need is three items that you can easily find at your local drug or makeup store. First, you need to get two ponytail holders and make sure to layer your ponytails to make your hair look bigger, fuller and more fun! Then grab some hair spray so you don’t have those pesky fly aways! Lastly, apply your highlighter, this will emphasize your cheek bones and be camera ready! By using these three simple and relatively inexpensive products, you can achieve a simple and fun look that even celebrities are sporting. Sooner or later, your friends will be asking you how to recreate the look!


  • Caroline Verdic

    Hi, Fashionista’s! My name is Caroline Verdic and I am from New Jersey. I am currently a student at Marist College studying business marketing and fashion merchandising. I am obsessed with fashion; it is my passion. I’ve grown up with fashion. My mother worked in the industry and absolutely loved it. Growing up, I always had a sense of style. Even at a young age, I would play dress up in my mother closet; walking around in her high heels, wearing her jewelry, and trying on her lipsticks. She knew from that young of an age that I would explore the fashion world when I was older. Growing up so close to the fashion capital of the world, I got to experience the many different styles and looks found in New York City. I gain so much inspiration from magazines, on social media, even people walking around every day. I see how so many people have their own unique style that fits their personality. I love this quote by Rachel Zoe, “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” I would say my sense of style is trendy, I love to follow the trends and add a little spin to it. Trends are always changing so one day I could go for a preppy look to the next day edgy, then to boho chic. If I am going for a casual look, I will always go for an athleisure style. I love to experiment with styles and even mix trends. Currently, I am obsessed with accessories. I love a nice big earring or necklace, or even the perfect lip color and bag combo to spice up your outfit and make you stand out. I love a great accent piece that just ties the outfit all together. I have also recently become obsessed with sneakers; I feel as though I need every pair I see. I love to run but now that the newest trend is wearing sneakers with dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants is trending, I am fully taking advantage buying more sneakers; although my bank account may not like that! I am so extremely happy and excited to join the CollegeFashionista Style Guru family and I am so excited to share my articles with you! Don’t forget to #stayRADandFAB