BEAUTY BAR: Granny Grays

Any Fashionista can easily make a bold statement through her wardrobe. A daring pair of heels or a bold lip is a simple way to grab the attention of any room. What’s my favorite way to make a statement? Bold hair colors. A Fashionista who isn’t afraid to dye her locks a bright blue or vibrant violet exudes confidence, no matter what she wears. The best part of dyeing your hair is that it’s a temporary way to switch up your look without having to change your wardrobe.

Pastel hair colors have been in trend all year. While many are hesitant to paint their locks, this Fashionista took the pastel trend by storm. Colored hair can easily become the highlight of your ensemble, without sacrificing your style or comfort. This Fashionista’s silver hairdo is perfect for the cold, snowy weather that’s all too familiar during the wintertime. With a simple knit sweater and an oversized infinity scarf, she allowed her hair do the talking for her. By wearing neutral tones in her ensemble, this Fashionista’s hair to stands out and makes a statement for her. She completed her ensemble with a simple nude lip and stud earrings to create a classy, but powerful look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: If you’re ready to take your hairdo to the next level, you need to first choose the color that you’re looking for. You can try the permanent hair dye or, if you want a test run before committing, you can try hair chalk or temporary color hair spray. The wilder the color you choose, the more neutral your makeup should be. A nude matte lipstick or lip stain is the perfect accessory to accompany your rainbow locks and keep you looking fabulous!