BEAUTY BAR: Goodbye Bronde, Hello Ronze

Pumpkin flavored everything is the only way to make it through the fall season, but what about pumpkin colored hair? It’s safe to say that up until Blake Lively announced that bronde’s have more fun, bronde was the go-to hair color for every girl walking into a salon. Blonde enough to get your way through the spring and summer, yet brunette enough to get the dark side vibes for fall and winter. This fall, open your minds to this season’s newest pumpkin-hued hair color: ronze.

Alright, so I might have made that name up, but how else can this beautiful hair color be described? This Fashionista was lucky in the gene pool by scoring this beautiful hue of red completely naturally, but walking around with a hair color as bold as this one calls for skills from all over the beauty department. While this Fashionista’s hair color was what caught my eye, she clearly knew which colors complimented her dreamy red vibes, as well as which makeup to use to kill the gnarly, superficial stereotypes of redheads being as pale as ghosts.

Her fix for keeping her skin up to game with her hair color? A contour stronger than the love I have for Kylie Jenner’s shoe closet, (which trust me, I didn’t even know such a strength was possible). In addition, a good moisturizer goes a long way, and this Fashionista swears by her skin care. Dewy skin is a must, as it keeps your skin looking fresh and healthy through a season of dry and cracked skin.

Creamy ivory knits and bronzy tones on her skin when paired with this Fashionista’s hair color make for a color palette perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Neutral tones are cozy, warm and somehow give us a fuzzy feeling in our hearts when we figure out how to incorporate them into our every day style. Who doesn’t want to match their outfit with the colors of the season?

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve a similar look (regardless of your hair color), you’ll need a trustworthy moisturizer to keep your skin looking healthy. Don’t be afraid to add a glow-enhancing primer to give you even more of a dewy look through the colder weather. When it comes to contouring, a matte contour stick will draw that much needed attention to your cheekbones. From girl to girl, be sure to blend well because in all honesty, Halloween is long gone and frankly no one wants a striped face!