BEAUTY BAR: Frosty Freshness

Winter is a tough time for beauty. Between strong winds, harsh frosts and snow storms, it can be very difficult to maintain your hair and makeup. Personally, I rarely use heat to style my hair in the winter because it doesn’t usually last for long. On a day when there is even light snow, the moisture from the snowflakes turns my once styled hair into a frizzy mess. During this season, I also have a lot of difficulty with making my lipstick last. The cold and dry winter air takes away a lot of moisture from my lips; this forces me to continually reapply my lipstick along with a top coat of Chapstick. This idea is also reflected in using foundation in the winter. The chilly temperatures and frigid winds make it harder to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.

The above beauty issues are why I was so drawn to this Fashionista’s look. Rather than letting the season limit her beauty styles, she took many steps to combat the winter freeze. This way, she is able to uphold her personal sense of style while still being equipped to face the uncontrollable forces of nature. This Fashionista explained that during this season, she likes to invest in dual powered makeup. By this, she means that she will opt to purchase lipstick with hydrating qualities or foundation with rejuvenating attributes. This allows her to not only mix restoration with style, but also saves her money by only purchasing one product.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To create this look, this Fashionista used the Velvet Mineral Liquid Foundation by Amazing Cosmetics. This Fashionista likes this particular brand for the winter because it is specially geared toward protecting and moisturizing your skin. For her hair, she utilized a low maintenance technique. Due to the fact that heat-styling does not have the best durability during the winter, this Fashionista added Organix Moisturizing Argan Oil to her hair. After applying the oil to damp hair, she braided her hair and left it in overnight. In the morning, she undid the braid, brushed out her hair and the end result created silky and soft waves.  Lastly, for her lips she used Bite Beauty’s Luminous Creme Lipstick in violet. This lipstick works to keep her lips hydrated and requires minimal reapplication.