BEAUTY BAR: From Grain to Gold

September 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Remember that fairytale of Rumpelstiltskin and how he could turn straw into gold? That tall tale gave me a realization of how people do the same thing with an everyday object(s): makeup. Each day we start out with a fresh face and we have the opportunity to spin any feature we want into gold. While we can’t literally turn grain into gold (oh how I wish!) we can use a bit of cosmetics for the same effect, especially since the season we all love is amongst us.

Fall is a time of pumpkin spice lattes and oversized sweaters. However it’s the Fashionista behind the coffee and clothes that really implement the autumn spirit. In the past we have seen the makeup trends match the season; summer is the time for a bronzed golden glow and the colder it gets the more matte the makeup trends become. Who says we can’t switch it up? That’s exactly what this Fashionista is doing. There are many advantages to wearing bronzed or copper gold colors on your face: you can wear it as eye shadow (as shown on this Fashionista) or as a golden highlight to give the face a warm healthy radiance. It matches EVERYTHING. There’s no need to fret when deciding what outfit will go with your makeup or questioning if you look a little too dressed up or dressed down for whatever occasion.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: While “all magic comes with a price” that doesn’t mean it has to be a high price – right? Whichever products you want to use are completely up to you but here is what our Fashionista is wearing and here is NYX Minx for a WAY cheaper alternative. The key to getting your perfect sultry amber eye is to figure out which shade accentuates your eyes and matches your skin tone. There is no precise way to apply it so have fun and remember that its just makeup and it washes off!