BEAUTY BAR: Flaming Lips

The famous and cliché’d April showers not only bring us May flowers, but they also rid us of the flaky skin, dry hair and the ill-looking pale tint cursed onto us by winter. We don’t need to try excessive strobing right after exfoliating to achieve the dewy skin look anymore, and we no longer have to worry about maybe slipping on ice if we choose to wear heels. In this ever empowering weather that allows a free circulation of wildcard fashion and beauty trends, what’s a look that’s trendy and fierce, but can still allow someone to look calm and collected, be it in line at the bakery on a Tuesday afternoon or in the back of the dance floor on Friday night?

“An orange and red ombré lip, which is a thing right now, with all the contouring I did to my face earlier today,” says our Fashionista, a women and gender studies student who is getting ready to celebrate the end of exams and her birthday as I type this. It’s not so much about creating cool contrasting 3D effects by playing with such highly pigmented lip colors as it really is about enhancing her eyelids, cheekbones and lips. Blending the orange in the middle of bold red adds a subtle touch and becomes a bright twist to the classic bold red lip staple that never escapes any woman’s makeup Bible.

With a little black dress, cute heels and some perfectly painted nails, this Fashionista is ready to take on the night, looking as fearless and put together as one possibly can and sporting the prettiest lips in town with an unstoppable smile.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Start with a good coat of matte orange liquid lipstick, focusing on the middle of the mouth. Then, fill in the edges of the lips by tracing them with a red lip pencil around the orange to make sure it doesn’t bleed. Finish off the look with a flattering bronzer under the cheekbones and use a nail polish that matches the red lipstick for a fresh manicure.