BEAUTY BAR: Flaming Fuchsia

Whoever said, “blondes have more fun,” has obviously never dyed their hair an unnatural color. Your hair is your canvas, just like the clothing you choose to wear. So why not experiment with color? This Fashionista rocks some marvelous fuchsia locks that anyone can obtain with bleach, a few bottles of dye and a couple of hours to spare!

Having unnaturally-colored hair has more benefits than just looking fierce. Bad hair days are officially a thing of the past now that your hair is dyed a color (or multiple colors) in the ROYGBIV spectrum. You won’t have to style it every day because the color is a style in its own. This Fashionista puts her fuchsia locks in the spotlight by keeping her makeup minimal. A swipe of mascara is all you need. She continues the effortless look by throwing on a cozy poncho perfect for breezy fall weather.

One of the best parts of unnatural color dye is picking from the plethora of options. Instead of a decision between two shades of brown, it’s a decision between green or pink, or both! Choose from one single color or mix multiple colors together. Recent rainbow hair color trends include the “oil slick hair,” “powder-blue hair” and, of course, the always colorful ombré. But, oftentimes, one wash of a single color is just what you need.

Contrary to initial assumption, unnaturally-colored hair looks great with anything you wear. You won’t feel boxed into wearing only neutral clothes or clothes that match your hair color; however, wearing a monochromatic look that matches your hair would look divine! In need of some inspiration? Take a look at Hayley Williams from Paramore and Katy Perry. Their hair colors are so RAD and the ever-changing shades never fail to liven up the rest of their looks.

You may find yourself pondering a daring hair decision such as this. Ask yourself, “why not?” What is holding you back? Go for it! If you don’t like it, dye it a different color until you do like it. Now is the time to experiment with this. It is the right era and college is the perfect time to try out some lively locks. Express yourself through your hair, as it is a fixed accessory to your body!

Dying your hair an unnatural color is the ultimate confidence-booster. It teaches you that you can try anything you want and look absolutely awesome. You’ll also learn that it doesn’t matter what people think about how you look anyway. Remember that you made the choice for you, not for anyone else!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To obtain this look, you can either DIY it or get it done professionally at a salon. Since hair is so delicate, getting your hair dyed by a professional the first time is best. Depending on your desired vibrancy and the color of your current hair, you will most likely have to bleach it. This Fashionista bleached only half of her previously red hair so it would not turn out too damaged. To maintain healthy hair, use sulfate-free hair products for dyed hair and wash with cold water. Minimize the number of times you thoroughly cleanse your hair to savor the color vibrancy. Then, strut around campus like the technicolor goddess you are!