BEAUTY BAR—Five Fall Beauty Looks You Must Try ASAP

Fall is right around the corner and a new season means new trends from head to toe. But you don’t have to wait until the leaves turn orange or you are sick of pumpkin spice to full immerse yourself in the season.

There is no time better than the present to incorporate some of our favorite fall beauty trends. Check out these five fall beauty looks you need to adapt ASAP!

1. The one lip color you need to start wearing ASAP—Plum


Article by Bailey Russell

2. The one hairstyle you need to start doing ASAP—The half-up top knot


Article by Madeline Farina

3. The one product you need to start using ASAP—Illuminizer


Article by Sam Yohannes

4. The one classic beauty look you need to reinvent ASAP—Bright red lip for day


Article by Melanie Butron

5. The one nail trend you need to start adapting ASAP—Matchy-matchy nails and outfit


Article by Jane Claire