BEAUTY BAR: Feeling Blue

I have never dyed my hair. Not that I haven’t thought about it. I’ve always wanted to know what I would look like with blonde or black hair, or better yet, pink or blue. Your hair is such an easy way to change up your look without the commitment. Just look at Kylie Jenner, one day her hair is long and blue and the next it is short and black. Although not all of us have the luxury of a styling team at our beck and call, we can still switch up our look with drugstore hair dye and some drive to get it done. Although you may not see me with dyed hair anytime soon, this Fashionista rocks the blue locks.

The fear many have with dying their hair is that they will need to match all of their outfits to it. This Fashionista, however, does not shy away from pattern and color, proving that your outfit can be just as much of a statement as your hair. Her floral dress and sweater complement her hair rather than being a backdrop. Oftentimes, when someone decides to make the leap to a vivid shade, his or her clothes lose their color and become consistently neutral. While this highlights the hue to its full potential, it is nice to add color to your outfit as well. By wearing contrasting colors from your hair, your outfit can help make the color pop as well as adding color to the rest of your body, not just your head.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: When trying out this look, along with your blue hair dye, pick up some hair dye to bleach your locks so that the blue really pops. To prevent damage and split ends, also grab a deeply moisturizing hair mask so your new blue shade doesn’t end up dried and thirsty.