BEAUTY BAR: Fall For Nature

November 6th, 2015 at 2:10am

When I think of fall, I immediately associate this beautiful season with all aspects of nature. The leaves on the trees turn from a lively green to a myriad of colors and shades: yellow, auburn, orange, brown and maroon. The temperature drops, as the air turns from a sweltering, humid heat to a brisk, refreshing breeze. As we enter November, fall is now in full swing, meaning that these changes in nature are quite evident.

This Fashionista captures the season change perfectly. Bundled up in a rich plum colored sweater and soft camel colored suede jacket, she exemplifies fall’s beauty with these earthy shades. Yet, the key to truly capturing this natural look lies within this Fashionista’s beauty routine. With her flawless skin perfectly brushed with a hint of light pink blush, this Fashionista continues to exude an easy, natural look. Her eyes are kept light, with only a few strokes of mascara, effortlessly highlighting her long, dark lashes while simultaneously complementing her chocolate brown eyes. She coordinates her lip color with her blush, donning a neutral pink shade to match the rest of her earth toned ensemble. And lastly, this Fashionista completes her easy breezy look with some long, dark waves falling over her shoulders.

This Fashionista highlights the beauty in her surrounding nature by capitalizing on her own natural beauty, radiating clear skin and dark features. The small hints of color are similar to those found on the changing leaves that surround her, allowing just the perfect pop of color to enter her otherwise simple look.

So, before you begin to don your deepest lipstick shades, darkest eyeshadows and heaviest application of eyeliner this fall, go for a simpler, more neutral look to complement the natural processes occurring in our surrounding environment. 

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get a similar look that this Fashionista exhibits, you’ll need just some basics. A nice tinted moisturizer and some bronzer will give you the same flawless, glowing skin. A neutral shade of lipstick will add just the right amount of subtle, earthy color. And lastly, to replicate this Fashionista’s radiating waves, just a dab of coconut oil for your hair will do wonders!