BEAUTY BAR: Everyday Glamorous

As busy college students with jam-packed schedules, we are constantly busy running around to fulfill the many obligations we have each day. The best way to keep your makeup on point but give it enough versatility and appropriation for life’s many events is to score an ‘everyday glamorous’ look. You can achieve this type of look in a reasonable amount of time during your morning routine and look put together no matter what kind of outfit or outfit changes you go through on that day.

Obviously, the infamous Kylie nude liner is a key component of this look because you get a natural-esque color that is subtle enough to complement all of your day-to-day outfit transformations, yet still look as if effort was applied. For this lip, you can apply a pinky nude toned liner as a matte color base and dab a bit of a similar lipstick on top to set and define the color. Believe it or not, false lashes can be applied for every day use, without looking too dramatic. A toned-down eye shadow look keeps the overall look in balance. This Fashionista used natural colors in a three tone blend on her lid, outer v and crease, for a simple yet elegant eye shadow composition and completed the look with a winged liner which is in trend right now. She lastly applied false lashes, using mascara to blend her true lashes with the falsies. She also used gentle strokes of an eyebrow pencil to give her brows a more defined but still natural looking fullness.This makeup went well with her causal outfit and dressed it up but at the same time, it was not over the top.

Whats on the BEAUTY BAR: In order to get the ‘every day glamorous’ look, it would definitely be worth investing in an Urban Decay naked palette. This item is a bit pricey, however, the colors are beautiful brown, tan, and pink hues with subtle glitter that are perfect for everyday wear. For the lips, a simple drugstore lip liner is inexpensive and does the trick. Lashes are a matter of preference, however be sure to pick up a pair that don’t overpower the look. Now you can get the ‘Every Day Glam!’.