BEAUTY BAR: Color Me Purple

Every year around this time, I begin to dread frozen mornings, city snow and monochrome outfits. This Fashionista breaks the black and grays of winter with her metallic purple hair. Through several DIY hair dying processes, she concocted a duo pink and purple look. Can’t let go of your trust black peacoat? Continue reading to see how this Fashionista styles her colored hair.

To make her hair pop, she keeps her outfit simple. She wears a basic outfit with a gray cardigan, black jersey dress, black knee high socks and brown riding boots. When you have hair like this, your neutrals are your best friends. This makes her hair the focus of her ensemble, which she does in a quick hairstyle that looks amazing with her bold hair color.

This hairstyle includes two simple braids and can be completed with a curling wand. The wand this Fashionista uses is Revlon’s 1″ curling wand. She curls away from her face in the same direction for uniformity. She braids two parts of her hair and bobby pins them in a half hairdo. To keep the hair out of her face, the side where her hair is parted is french-braided, adding dimension and detail to her face. To hide the bobby pins, each of the braids can be tucked under the other. The curls and her braids showcases the metallic chrome-like tone of her hair.

Not the type to rock duo-color hair? Bleach your hair evenly, tone it and then use your desired shade of pink, magenta or purple.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Use bleach and toner to avoid harsh yellow tones and enhance blue tones of the purple. Make sure to use hair masks and oil to condition and heal your hair.