BEAUTY BAR: Calm, Cool, Contoured

Oftentimes people pack on their makeup, especially when contouring, which can make them appear over-done. A pop of color and contoured lines are great when they are done right, but a few small mistakes and an overload of product can cause a person to look a bit clown-like. However, there is a way to execute great makeup techniques to create a simple and on-trend makeup look. I consider makeup to be an accessory to complete an outfit. This Fashionista used light contouring and complementing colors to perfect her look.

With the help of both brand name and drug store products, this Fashionista creates her everyday look. This Fashionista stressed the importance of her toning lotion and BB cream in order to help her makeup stay put, even after a long day. After applying her primer and BB cream, she uses MAC powder foundation to make sure her skin tone is even. This Fashionista told me that she is not a huge fan of contouring palettes because they are a bit time consuming and can cause makeup to look caked on if not done right. However, she did recommend contouring palettes for a night out or more formal occasions.

For just an everyday look, this Fashionista uses a simple NYX bronzer that you can find at your local drug store. She applies her bronzer right below her cheekbones, her jaw line, the bridge of her nose and above her temples. She explained that she makes sure to blend her bronzer, but she never covers her whole face. To finish off her face, she uses Tart blush to add some color to her cheekbones. Once she is done with her face makeup, this Fashionista moves on to her favorite part of putting on makeup: her eyes! Her neutral eye shadow colors and thin eyeliner keep this look natural. For a pop of color, she adds a satin finish reddish, purple lip color that is complemented by her olive green jeans. This lipstick happens to be Wet ‘n Wild, another drugstore favorite!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To perfect this look, you need Benefit’s Prep Toning Lotion, Urban Decay Naked Beauty Balm and neutral colored MAC eyeshadows. This Fashionista used “Copper” and “Mulch” eye shadow colors. With these few products, you will keep your make up long lasting and natural.