We have all had those days where our hair just does not want to cooperate. There is that annoying piece sticking straight up in the air, half of your head is flat while the other half has enough volume for the both and on top of it all the humidity outside will ruin any of your efforts to control your bad hair day. Bad hair days happen, and the go-to solution is as simple as a bun.

I am sure every single one of us has rocked a bun at some point in our lives and you do not even have to have a bad hair day to do so. Buns are as simple as a ponytail to rock and are easily accessorized. This Fashionista is rocking her bun loud and proud on top of her head. She adds some personality to her look with the help of a gold braided headband. Headbands are the perfect accessories when rocking a bun, they not only look great but they also help to keep your unmanageable locks managed.

To complement her beautiful bun, this Fashionista has on a neutral look. She couples a simple black T-shirt dress with an oversized knitted cardigan for a casual ensemble. To give her look some personality, this Fashionista is rocking a pair of RAD knee-high boots. I totally dig the lace-up detailing of these boots and how the hardware gives them some added character. To complete her look, this Fashionista has on a black and gold statement necklace; the perfect contrast to her neutral look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To rock your next bun with ease, be sure to pick up a trendy headband and a sturdy hair elastic to get the most out of your look!