BEAUTY BAR: Bold, Bronze And Brows

What’s up, Fashionistas/os? I am back to bring your attention to the autumn essential three B’s: bold, bronze and brows. With the leaves changing and the weather finally becoming bearable in good old Ohio, this Fashionista has been a triple B threat! Her makeup look shows warmth with her bronzed eyes/highlight, yet the boldness of her amazing brows and plum pout coincides into a look that is sure to turn heads on any campus.

Starting with her glowing complexion, this Fashionista applied bronzer to create a killer contour. Is that a world tour or a contour because this contour could sell out arenas! With this bold contour, she then highlighted her flawless cheekbones to add to the dewy, warm effect she is showing off. Her sultry eyes also add to this autumn makeup due to the matte brown, copper and flicks of gold eye shadows she incorporated to her lids. This Fashionista also added a hint of gold eyeliner to her waterline to really make her big, brown, beautiful eyes pop. Then to bring in that vital first B, this Fashionista filled in her fleek eyebrows to get that perfect, runway-inspired shape everyone obsesses over. To top off this gorgeous makeup look, she applied the perfect fall, purple lipstick. Lucky us, this Fashionista filled us in on her lipstick secret. To give her lips that nice full look, she applies a red gloss in the center of her lips. Try this beauty tip out and see how your lips can go from zero to Kylie Jenner in just seconds!

This autumn makeup look goes perfectly with this bold outfit. The eyes give off a flirty look while the lips mean business. Her leather jacket paired with the ripped boyfriend jeans perfectly complements the coinciding makeup. This Fashionista is definitely putting her best fall face forward this season!

What’s On the BEAUTY BAR: Starting with the brows, this Fashionista used Anastasia dip brow pomade to achieve the strong shape. With her lovely golden eyes, she used the In the Light palette by Stila for the whole eye shadow look. Shadows this Fashionista used include Bliss for the entire lid, Gilded Gold for the crease, and Sunset in the center to open up her eyes. She also included Bare as a highlight for her brow bone and inner core. The Gilded Gold shadow was also used for under the eye to balance the smoky look. The bold lip was Sin by MAC Cosmetics and the lip gloss to plump up her lips was Monte Carlo by NYX Cosmetics.