BEAUTY BAR: Blue Monday

Like many, my family always gathers around the table for prayer prior to indulging in the delicious feasts of the holiday season. During our Thanksgiving dinner, we maintained this tradition, thanking God for family friends and a warm, turkey-scented home. During that prayer, I asked God to bless every one of CollegeFashionista’s dedicated readers with a wonderful, stress-free finals week. So, if you happen to somehow ace your organic chemistry exam, know that divine intervention was definitely involved. Hey, admit it—you failed every midterm to date. What does that “C” on the periodic table stand for, anyway?

While we’re talking about graces and such, I feel obligated to note that this Fashionista has been blessed with two things—a vibe that says, “I’m the hip chick you met at the show last week” and bobbed hair that’s the best shade of blue. While wearing a blue denim jacket, our Fashionista opted for a skater skirt and crop top combination that has been trending all year long. Her black Dr. Martens have a refreshingly feminine profile that’s considerably more polished than traditional, bulky boots. Nevertheless, they still emulate the timelessness of the shoes that were popularized during the late 20th century.

While not everyone will be able to pull off this Fashionista’s exact bob and bangs hairstyle, we can all can experiment with some fun colors. Choose your favorite shade and give it a go; maybe you’ll end up rocking a #RAD new hairdo for that NYE party that’s right around the corner.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this look, pick up some hair dye from your local beauty supply store. If you’re feeling a little apprehensive about changing your whole look, go for a more subtle change by simple adding a few streaks of your preferred hue.