BEAUTY BAR: Blue Eyes And Blue Skies

As summer begins to turn into fall, there is no better way to remember those sunny blue skies than with some bright blue eyes. This Fashionista knows exactly how to play up that blue eye color and make it the focal point of the outfit. Looking into this Fashionista’s eyes will only remind you of the cool blue ocean and the clear blue sky.

The only way to turn up the color in your eyes is to allow your clothing to take all of the attention off of them. Wearing anything that is neutral, lighter green,or practically any shade of pink can enhance those blue eyes. Keeping the clothes simple and staying away from prints will also direct all the attention to your eyes.

Clothing is one easy way to enhance that color, but a more important way is through your makeup. Blue eyes really pop with browns and oranges for eye shadow. Sweeping some light eye shadow in the corner of your eyes will also draw attention! For eyeliner, a bright white lined on your water line is always a great technique for brightening up the eyes. For the top lid, dark browns and gold or bronzes are great for complementing the blue color. Make sure to avoid any blues or blacks!

Keep the lips neutral so your eyes have all the attention, and also feel free to test out a winged eyeliner look to grab even more attention!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This Fashionista kept it simple and wore a plain white T-shirt, tan jeans, a super cute green jacket and some classic black Converse. Her jewelry was simple with just a turquoise pendant necklace. Her makeup consisted of a tan and orange eye shadow palette and, of course, some dark brown eyeliner.