BEAUTY BAR: Black, White And A Pop of Color

By now, you may realize that I love black and white. In the summer, black and white can seem dull and boring if put together in the wrong way. If I could, I would go the whole summer without wearing a single color. This is not because I dislike color. It’s because I absolutely love it. I just love black and white when paired together that much more.

That is why I love this Fashionista’s outfit. She is wearing a pair of classic white skinny jeans paired with a fabulous Free People tank top. Free People gives off a summer vibe without bringing out the bright summer colors, which is perfect for people like me. I also love the shoes in this ensemble because they are simple and detailed. The solid black color gives the air of simplicity, but the multiple straps on the shoes add a nice touch to an otherwise simple look.

The pop of color in this look comes from two places. The first place we get color from is the bracelet. The Fashionista is wearing quite a few bracelets, but the one I’m talking about is the teal wrap bracelet matching her nails. This is a great addition to the look because it brings a little colorful fun to a neutral outfit. The second pop of color comes from the nails. Adding a bright color to your nails makes for the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Throughout the summer, my one area of color usually comes from brightly colored nails. After all, summer is one of the only times you can get away with hot pink nails day and night.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: In order for you to accomplish this look, head over to your nearest nail salon and pick a bright and happy nail color. The reddish pinks are usually my favorites, so why not try that?