BEAUTY BAR: Berry Coordinated

Whenever the weather is dreary and simply waking up can be a challenge, creating the perfect statement lip never fails to cheer me up and put a little pep in my step. Sometimes it’s as easy as swiping on a tinted lip balm, but on other days, more ambitious looks can take the spotlight.

I knew when I met this Fashionista that she took beauty seriously, because you can’t get a fade as perfect as hers without serious practice! Her blended ombré lip is the focal point of this look, complemented by an effortless, natural face finished with only mascara and beachy waves. This Fashionista employs that technique again by pairing a sleek, simple outfit with her more exciting beauty routine. This helps create an attractive balance for the look as a whole and keeps you from feeling too overdone for casual occasions like class or running errands!

This Fashionista’s manicure was an awesome wildcard, because she managed to show that intentionally mismatched hands can still be totally polished (get it?) and fun. The cooler blue feels completely coordinated with the gray and black in her outfit, while the maroon is flawlessly paired with her lips. This Fashionista is a great reminder not to take your look too seriously, because experimenting with beauty looks can be just as exciting as taking a risk with fashion!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: In order to achieve this look on your own, select a few lip colors that have a high contrast in value. You’ll be blending the colors from the outside in, finishing off with the brightest color near the center of your pout. This Fashionista’s picks included Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in the colors Craft and Vintage as well as ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Lip in Solow, but there’s no pressure to stick to purples! No matter what color combination suits you, earn major brownie points by coordinating your manicure’s polish with your lips.