BEAUTY BAR: Beige, Beards And All The Basics

As fall comes to a close and we enter those dreaded winter months, we’re faced with the challenge of updating our wardrobe to accommodate dewy mornings and snow-filled afternoons. Coats are a given and long trousers too, but what about facial hair?

This Fashionisto updated his style for the chilling winter months by utilizing an ever stylish and masculine beard, paired with a precise edge up haircut. Here, his look is all about angles, which is strongly supported by both his angularly trimmed beard and haircut. Traditionally, most men put their trust in a men’s barber for those risky facial hair trims, sculpting and shaping, but more and more hairdressers are offering this service, as well.

To get this look, research some examples of thicker men’s chinstraps, which this Fashionisto chose to pair with a connected mustache and goatee. Essentially, this grooming trend is a great way to keep a fuller beard, while managing a clean tapered look at the same time. As for this Fashionisto’s haircut, it’s a simple fade and edge up. It’s a standard for most barbers and hairdressers, but it’s worthwhile to play it safe and show up to your appointment with a sample photograph because nothing’s worse than a botched haircut.

Essentially, effective grooming is the basis for every Fashionisto’s best looks, so it’s important to think of staple pieces that can complement whatever hairstyle you’re rocking. For example, undercuts and mohawks go well with edgier looks, while shape ups and quaffed hairdo’s are better suited for more classic pieces. To complement his million dollar cut, this Fashionisto chose this beige wool overcoat as his staple piece.  Paired with a simple plaid trouser, a black T-shirt and a pair of neutral colored adidas Gazelle OG sneakers; this coat—featuring angular lapels—brings a timeless dynamic to these, typically, casual pieces.

It’s clear this Fashionisto understands that an outfit is only as good as it’s subtle accessories, as he dressed the look up with both a customized class ring and black Fossil watch. Here, the class ring serves a dual purpose—providing a personalized outlet for masculine accessorizing and a pop of color to this neutral heavy look.  Likewise, this minimalist watch stays true to the look’s neutral theme and adds to the more classic portion of the overall look.

While we can’t control the icy roads and impending blizzards that winter brings, we often forget the fashion freedom cooler days offer.  Even if it seems like a tedious task, layering different colors, styles and cuts of clothing can be fun, so get creative while you prepare for rosy cheeks and snowy feet.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this Fashionisto’s standout look, you’ll need a few sample photos of your desired hairstyles and a hair stylist you trust.  For the outfit portion of the look, aim to find casual articles that can be paired with a classic winter coat for the perfect blend of personalization, class and, of course, warmth.