BEAUTY BAR: Baby Bangs

January 31st, 2017 at 2:06am
BEAUTY BAR: Baby Bangs

Right now, it seems like women’s hair trends are just “do whatever makes you happy.” Most often, the effortless look is popular, and with that comes “I don’t care what you think,” which is a mindset that can be taken in all kinds of directions. This Fashionista takes that mindset and goes down a grunge route with her risky baby bangs.

From Melanie Martinez to Lady Gaga, the baby bangs have always been a statement causing a lot of discussion. To put it simply, they are unusual. When someone wants eyebrow length fringe and leaves with it shorter, they typically are devastated. On the other hand, some purposely chop halfway up their forehead.

Because this is such a bold look, it is often challenging to commit, knowing that it may be tricky to style perfectly. This Fashionista pairs her do with a neutral glam look, keeping the attention on top.

Her eyes are deepened with soft, warmly toned eyeshadows, barely noticeable from a distance. It is very subtle, but helps to add intrigue. To go the extra mile, she dusts her bottom lash line with fine gold glitter. The warmth of her eye shadow mixed with the tone of the sparkle keeps the look seemingly natural. She completes her eyes with a thick coating of mascara. This is perfect because she is not wearing eyeliner, so it draws attention toward itself. The lack of eyeliner pushes an undone grungy feeling within this look.

While it is hard to admit, Kylie Jenner really has brought brown-toned lipsticks back onto the radar with her lip kits. This Fashionista rocks a beige liquid lipstick on her pout. This adds a finishing touch to her not-too-forced, not-too-effortless face.

Finally, her wardrobe is a mix of vintage finds and modern pieces. She is pairing an extremely studded black leather jacket with a soft, antique-inspired dress. On the bottom, she has her chunky platforms, something which used to be seen as gothic but have recently had a resurgence. From her booties to her studs and brooch, this Fashionista puts focus in the details, mixing trends and creating a personalized, grunge look.

The simplicity of her makeup look is a perfect combination with the drama of her baby bangs. Her fringe screams for attention while her makeup can be quietly appreciated. Her outfit reflects a similar contrast. It is clear that this Fashionista has a lot of fun with her appearance, rocking mainstream trends while also embracing the most daring ones.