BEAUTY BAR: Arch Those 'Brows

It’s my favorite time of year again—the leaves are changing, the air is becoming crisper and I get to wear sweaters again.  As the air gets colder and my classes get tougher, my will to do my makeup decreases. The only thing that saves me from bumming it every time I go to class is my eyebrows. Yes, I said it, I need my eyebrows done to get me through the day and so does this Fashionista! Her eyebrows, along with her killer fall style, snatched my attention when I looked up from my phone and I just had to take her picture.

I wonder who started the trend on thick eyebrows and whoever it was, I thank you. Finally a trend I can easily do thanks to my excessive amount of eyebrow hairs. If you look at beauty trends starting in the 14th Century, you’ll see that the brows were always pretty thin until about the early 1950s. Ever since, they have switched between thick and thin with the former remaining a steady constant seen on models and celebrities.

Eyebrow sculpting and filling is truly an art that should and is being worshipped all over the internet and the fashion world. After figuring out the perfect shape that works for your face and how to actually fill them in correctly, your eyebrows can make it look like you’re wearing makeup when you’re not.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get your eyebrows “on fleek,” you need to get them shaped either by a professional or using a good pair of tweezers at home. The next step other than watching videos on how to fill your brows is to get a brow filler ( pencil, promade, or a gel).