BEAUTY BAR: Amazing Ombré

May 10th, 2016 at 2:10am

Fashion and style is meant to let people express themselves the way they want through clothing and accessories. A certain pair of shoes, their favorite pair of jeans and the right shade of lipstick can give someone a major boost of confidence. Recently a hair trend has been taking over not only the beauty world, but also the fashion realm itself. People have started playing around with different hair colors and styles to go with their personal style.

Celebrities have been showcasing their different shades of locks for a while now—hey, Kylie J! Go o on Instagram and the continuous hair pages and video show copious amounts of hair inspiration for whatever hair type/shade/cut. This trend has created a freedom and curiosity for people to experiment with different colors.

This Fashionista has gone with a traditional ombré that enhances the texture of her hair. Her hair is darker, so the ombré may be more difficult to create on the first try but it is possible. It’s important to remember that no matter what shade if used, bleach will have to be used on the hair for the ombré to come out. For people with lighter hair it is easier to achieve that darker but will just take a little more time.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Ombré can be created at-home, as recent hair technology has allowed us to create the same looks without the high prices of a salon. These box dyes can include natural ombrés for blondes and brunettes, or a fun color if you’re feeling spontaneous! Some may be nervous about watching the hair tutorials on YouTube that make these hair experiments so easy, yet see themselves with a hair emergency in the end. Not to fret, most ombrés can be easily achievable in a salon with the right stylist. So go explore the internet, and see what the next hair color is waiting for you to try!