BEAUTY BAR: All That Glitters

Sometimes a little glitter can come a long way.

There comes a time in a Fashionista/o’s life (if you live in the Midwest, every year) when fall comes around, and people begin to bring out their jackets and sweaters to layer. Personally, fall is my favorite time of year. I love it when you can layer clothes over each other to create an entirely new look from something old or worn often in the summer. Fall is the time where a look can be easily changed to something different by adding a new element. It is also a time when brands come out with adorable sweaters and outerwear with patches on the elbows (can you see my bias?).

With this Fashionisto, he embraced fall on a warm day in Chicago by wearing a beige leather, moto jacket over a band T-shirt, black jeans and patent leather heels. You can tell that this Fashionisto is one of Lady Gaga’s little monsters with his T-shirt.

This Fashionisto accessorized his look with a face beat to perfection. Apart from the way he was dressed, this Fashionisto’s eyes and hair are what drew me in. To add a little beauty to his already chic look, this Fashionisto decorated his eyes in shimmery gold eye shadow that wasn’t too bold or too neutral. The gold brings out the shape in his eyes and is the perfect transition from day to night.

Another element to this Fashionistao’s look was the natural patch of white in the front of his hair. With his hair styled into a chic modern bouffant, this Fashionisto offers a classic look to his already edgy style.

With this look and the way he struts in heels like he was born in them, this Fashionisto proudly embodies confidence, style and glitter.

For a similar beauty look, why not play with bolder colors like bronze and gold for a more stand out look.