All About Austin and Keeping it Weird

August 7th, 2017 at 2:00am

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Everything is bigger in Texas,” but do you know about keeping Austin weird? Austin is a trending travel destination due to the hipster city’s high temperatures and chill vibes. What makes this city so unique is that it is not supposed to be “touristy.” That’s why many are beginning to call it home, but the locals do not necessarily want this in fears of ruining the small-town feel.

I recently ventured to Austin to see what all the buzz was about. Two of my close friends live there, so they showed me around from a local’s point of view but incorporated a few of the classic Instagram worthy spots. While there are many gorgeous murals, the entire landscape of the buildings and nature here is unlike anywhere else.

Austin has such a wide variety of entertainment. There is truly something for everyone; I found that there are a lot of activities to keep people moving. Sure, everyone wants others to think they solely drink kombucha and do yoga every day, but I witnessed a lot of people who truly live this healthy in Austin. I’ve done my fair share of yoga classes, but this was the first time I’d done it outside in a park. And did I mention—it was completely free! Hiking on trails is also super popular and the views are fantastic. On the contrary, since Texas is basically the equator’s neighbor, the temperatures can be extreme. This calls for lots of water endeavors, including swimming, cliff diving, stand up paddle boarding, water skiing, jet skiing—the list goes on.

While being active is fun and all, so is eating. Austin has some amazing dining options. Let’s take a moment of silence to appreciate chips and queso. Tex Mex food is common, so we ate lots of tacos, rice, and salsa as well. Additionally, museums and shopping are always options that will not disappoint. Sixth street is iconic in that it is similar to a mullet, except instead of business in the front, a party in the back… the roadway is a business in the day, party at night. You cannot drive on the street at night because it is meant to be a place to walk around, let loose, and listen to fun music.

Overall, Austin is an interesting city, to say the least. Some may think it’s “weird,” but I think that is what makes it so inspiring.

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