AROUND TOWN: Urban Thread

AROUND TOWN: Urban Thread

Local to the Gainesville community, Urban Thread is a unique store featuring name brand items at discounted prices. Just a few miles from campus, Urban Thread has a little bit of something for everyone including home goods, clothing and accessories. Aside from name brand and vintage treasures, the store showcases its one of a kind Saint & Noble collection designed by the storeowner, Lilly Kline. This crisp and clean collection features preppy shorts, sweet dresses, classic sweaters and structured shirts in a variety of colors. At an affordable price, students and young adults love the wearability and simplicity of the Saint & Noble collection.

Name: Lilly Kline

Role: Owner/Designer

CollegeFashionista: Can you tell me a little bit about your brand Saint & Noble and why you started it?

Lilly Kline: In the store, I would always see students come in and want conservative clothes for interviews and work. In a college town, it’s hard to find a fitted button-down shirt, some dress slacks and a nice dress to wear for an interview. My long term goal was to have a line that was affordable and more on the conservative side that caters to college students, but was still my own style as well.

CF: How would you describe the style of Saint & Noble?

LK: Conservative, clean lines and simple pieces that never go out of style.

CF: Where did you find inspiration for the Saint & Noble collection?

LK: I have always loved timeless pieces so I wanted to do something classic and professional but more affordable for students.

CF: What makes Saint & Noble unique?

LK: Saint & Noble looks expensive enough to even be sold in major department stores, but the price is very affordable for college students’ style.

Learn More: To buy pieces from Saint & Noble and shop tons of other brands, stop by Urban Thread at 1202 NW 23rd Avenue in Gainesville, Florida. Be sure to check out their Instagram and like them on Facebook for updates on what’s happening in the store.

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