AROUND TOWN: Touch of Grayce

When I first realized I wanted to go to SUNY Geneseo, I immediately fell in love with Main Street and the close-knit feel that this town has to offer. Main Street has tons of great shops that have been here for essentially forever. When walking around you will find Touch of Grayce nestled in this wonderful community. This shop is anything but ordinary carrying just about anything that you need, giving the perfect eclectic feel. Once in the shop you immediately want to wander around for hours. From local products, books, gift cards, wonderfully unique clothing and perfect accessories, what’s not to love? I happened to talk to one of the sales associates to learn more about the shop.

Name: Jennifer Sassano

Role: Sales Associate

CollegeFashionista: How was this business started?

Jennifer Sassano: This business was started about 20 years ago. The owner, Grayce McLaughlin, lives here in Geneseo. She was also an alumnus from this college.

CF: What do you love about this store?

JS: What is there not to love? We carry a lot of fair trade products in this store. This means that what we supply is from Third World Countries. The artisans and farmers that make these products get a full wage to support the community and well as their families. We also carry a lot of local items such as honey and lotions from local farmers. You can find basically anything in our store. What I love most is that we have quality jewelry from all over the place. We carry clothing from Global Girlfriend as well, which has great pieces of clothing.

CF: What do people come to our shop for?

JS: Our shop isn’t like typical franchisees. When you walk in it is a shopping experience and there is always something new and unexpected. That’s why people come here.

CF: Why Geneseo?

JS: Geneseo is just a really nice close-knit community and a very historical town.

Learn More: Do you want to visit this delightful eclectic shop in Geneseo and buy a possible gift for you or your friends? Visit Touch of Grayce, 65 Main Street in Geneseo, New York. You can learn more about this shop from the Facebook page.