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AROUND TOWN: The College Catalogue

May 14th, 2015 at 2:05am

The impact of bloggers on the fashion industry in the past few years is phenomenal. Bloggers are the new trendsetters. They embrace the newest trends and provide outfit inspiration for every occasion. The only problem with celebrity bloggers is that they can be hard to relate to, since they get to sample from some of the best designer closets around. Luckily, The College Catalogue has a solution. This blog highlights the outfits and personalities of stylish Vassar students. Like another popular college fashion site (hint, hint, wink, wink), the blog is by college students and for college students. I interviewed three of the ladies who run the blog to learn more about their creative process. I photographed senior Katherine Cuan, who showed up to the interview wearing an amazing pair of printed pants, a simple white top and a chic pair of oxfords.

Names: Katherine Cuan (pictured), Laura Song and Ellis Kim

Role: Editors, The College Catalogue

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe The College Catalogue?

Laura Song: We pick whoever we want to pick or whoever has a unique style. Fashion blogs include expensive stuff, and college kids can’t really afford it.

Katherine Cuan: You get a whole variety. It’s not just one person. We don’t seek out people based on wardrobes.

CF: How do you decide which students to spotlight?

LS: We see someone in class or around campus, and we ask them if they want to model for us.

CF: What makes The College Catalogue so unique?

Ellis Kim: One thing is that we focus on diversity. We try to alternate between guys and girls.

KC: We put out content more frequently than other similar sites. Instead of having print material, we have virtual content.

CF: Do you have any upcoming plans?

LS: We’re going to keep doing whatever we’re doing. We’ll do more themes, like holidays and girl’s night out.

EK: We’re looking for new members, like freshmen or sophomores. We all have certain responsibilities and roles. Our group size works best with four to five people.

Learn More: The College Catalogue recently posted a stunning new feature on “Prints and Patterns.” Check out their site to see some amazingly stylish Vassar students and learn more about the site’s history and goals.