Iowa City: a town known for its quirky style and adherence to tradition. Above all, Iowa City is home to the Hawkeyes. If there’s one thing there isn’t a shortage of around here, its school spirit. Tailgate clothing screams Iowa City. Located directly across from the Pentacrest, they offer a variety of vintage-inspired Hawkeye gear and T-shirts that pay homage to historical Iowa City. Tailgate embodies the culture of good ole IC while giving college kids a way to show off their black and gold pride in style. I had the chance to talk to Sam Peterson about why Tailgate should be your new favorite shop.

Name: Sam Peterson

Role: Part-time Shop Girl

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Sam Peterson: If I had to describe it it one word, it would be Individual. I don’t necessarily follow the trends. I throw on what’s comfortable for me and my favorite pieces at the time and it makes a cool, unique, laid back outfit.

CF: What makes Tailgate stand out from the pack?

SP: Tailgate offers lots of different graphics tees, from Iconic Iowa City (Dirty Johns Grocery, Prairie Lights, Hamburg Inn) T-shirts, to vintage collegiate Hawkeye shirts. They’re fun graphics on the softest fabric ever, so it truly makes wearing them enjoyable!

CF: How would you describe the culture of the store?

SP: It’s a cool little space tucked right next to Pancheros with exposed brick walls and old Hawkeye photos hung across the walls. It feels like an Iowa City specific Urban Outfitters. Laid back, fun graphic T-shirts, various third party products and great music make the environment super inviting!

CF: Tell me a little bit about the outfit you’re wearing.

SP: I love to throw on a pair of my vintage denim and pair it with The Bronx Gym graphic T-shirt. You never know with Iowa weather, so wigwam socks and PF Flyers seem like a solid choice for these colder spring mornings. A fun flannel and sunnies seem to pull the entire outfit together for heading to class. 

CF: What’s your favorite piece in the store right now?

SP: Our new spring PF Flyers! So many fun different styles that are so easy to slip on, like navy blue striped high tops, grey zigzag low tops, and the original Sand Lot Black high-tops. PF actually stands for Posture Foundation, so it makes it feel like you’re walking in the clouds when wearing them! 

Learn More: Visit Sam at Tailgate located on 30 South Clinton St! Be sure to follow Tailgate on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know about upcoming events and deals.