AROUND TOWN: Remi Lubcher

March 31st, 2015 at 2:00am

T-shirts and sweatshirts are a basic that everyone has. They are functional, comfortable and a great way to keep any outfit casual. Remi Lubcher takes any basic piece of apparel and amps it up to become a truly custom piece. This Fashionista looks awesome in her own sweatshirt design that is great for school spirit, ripped jeans and orange studded slip-ons. Suitable for occasions of almost any kind, like tailgates, class, parties or just staying in, Remi has transformed her creativity into an up-and-coming company called Snipped And Styled based out of her Syracuse University dorm.

Name: Remi Lubcher

Role: Student Designer and Entrepreneur

CollegeFashionista: What inspired you to start Snipped And Styled?

Remi Lubcher: I never wanted to be basic in terms of my clothes. My biggest fear in school was showing up with someone wearing the same outfit as me, so what I would do is try to make my clothes different. My friends started asking me how much it would cost for me to do the same for them, and that is how Snipped And Styled was born!

CF: Do you want to incorporate fashion into your future career?

RL: Yes, definitely! My major is Broadcast and Digital Journalism so I hope that one day I can develop my name and continue to grow Snipped And Styled to be a clothing line.

CF: What is your favorite Snipped And Styled piece?

RL: My favorite is the braided halter I make. It is such a unique way to wear a T-shirt, a customer favorite, and perfect for tailgates.

Learn More: Remi conducts all her business from her Instagram account, @snippednadstyled, and ships to all schools! Check out all her styles including her new winter collection!