AROUND TOWN: P.O.S.E. Fashion Show Re-cap

The University of Tennessee’s People Of Style and Education Annual Spring Fashion Show required a lot of hard work to accomplish, but it went over fabulously. P.O.S.E. members walked down the red runway in beautiful clothes from local and national designers, and students that attended were also dressed to the nines. With an Around The World theme, attendees were encouraged to wear white and neutral toned ensembles so the models would stand out among the crowd. In between looks, there were dance performances, singers and stand-up comedians so the show had something for everyone who attended. But for this attendee, the main highlight of the night was being able to say that he finally witnessed a fashion show.

Name: Carlton McCord

Role: P.O.S.E. Fashion Show Attendee

CollegeFashionista: How did you think the P.O.S.E. Fashion Show went?

Carlton McCord: I think it went really well, there were gorgeous people in gorgeous outfits

CF: How did you decide what to wear to the event with the all-white dress code?

CM: I actually talked to a couple of people in the fashion show before and they told me I should do a dressy outfit with the all-white requirement instead of being too casual.

CF: What were you expecting from the show and what did you take from it?

CM: I was expecting the show to not be as well put together as it was, actually. But I walked out feeling like I went to my first real fashion show, actually.

CF: What did you think of how other attendees dressed for the event?

CM: I think everyone else cooperated really well with the all-white and dressy theme. There were a couple of people that didn’t really go with the theme, but enough did so it looked really cool.

Learn More: For more pictures and highlights from the event, be sure to scroll through the photos above. To learn more about P.O.S.E. and the UT Chapter, follow them in Instagram @Pose_UTK.